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Relationships & Marriage

We all crave intimacy, the need to love and be loved. Being in a relationship whether as partners, married or lovers can be a wonderful experience but can also be extremely stressful at times.


Many couples begin to seek therapy when things become stressful or unmanageable. Today’s world is fast paced and stressful adding children, parents and financial concerns can be some of the issues that impact a relationship in a negative way. Recognizing that all relationships have their ups and downs and are not perfect all of the time is a start to rebuilding a sound and loving relationship.


Therapy can often be a neutral place where couples can explore feelings, learn new communication skills and new ways to deal with stressful situations. Therapy can help partners come to a new level of trust and commitment. Working together with a therapist through the hard times can make a relationship stronger.


Even badly wounded relationship can be healed. It takes commitment and a willingness to take ownership of your mistakes and be willing to make the changes in yourself that will make your relationship a success. Not every relationship can be “saved,” but most relationships can heal, and people can learn to respect, enjoy and honor each other.


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