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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is many things to many different people. It is a chance to explore issues within the privacy of a therapeutic session. Individual therapy provides a safe and comfortable space to discuss relationship issues, work issues, childhood issues or a place to grow and change.


When you are dealing with feelings of depression, stress or anxiety, it often becomes difficult to continue with daily commitments. Many times we turn to food, alcohol or other substances to relive the pain. Being able to talk to someone about your feelings, fears and worries can be a step to feeling better. Finding new ways and healthier ways to cope can also be a start to living a healthier and happier life.


Individual counseling is also a safe place to explore painful issues that can touch all of our lives at some time or another. Issues from our childhood such as sexual, physical or emotional abuse can have a great impact on our adult life if left untreated. Deep depression, loss, self harm or suicidal feelings are also issues that can be addressed in a safe and comfortable environment.


Individual therapy is a journey that we can take together.

Please call and schedule an interview at no charge - 978-304-0572.

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